Partners Elzi and Erli Botelho  Ribeiro
sisters from The State of Bahia in the North/East Brazil, bring their love and appreciation for an authentic typical and simple Brazilian food.

Inspired by the many Brazilian house wife cooking we want you to have the feeling to be eating same like it is from your kitchen. Fresh, simple and tasty!


At the hot bar we present 14 different dishes an 11 salads + fruits in the cold bar. Most of the items are made differently daily , except for the traditional Brazilian rice and beans.

 Our CHURRASCO is slowly cooked to perfection. Succulent pieces of meat are sliced into your plate if you like to.

Our ambient is friendly simply decorated. Dining room feels sunny day and night.
We are here to better serve you . Please all suggestions are very welcome.







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 NOTE -We do not delivery food from the buffet. It is only for eat in or take out. Minimum charge for delivery is $ 10.00 for aluminum container of 8" .We offer a specific menu for delivery as follow

Click here for delivery menu.